I have always loved art, design and card magic. My Chicago Opener routine is pretty solid. In 2014, after stumbling upon DeckStarter through Dan & Dave's site, I set out to finish my design for a pack of playing cards. Long before crowd funding cards went mainstream, I did some related sketching and even designed and produced some card-inspired T Shirts in 2009. Check 'em out. That's my sister wearing a black joker.

DeckStarter's launch motivated me to finish my whole-deck project. There are so many exquisite decks being made these days! They feature embossed tuck boxes, foil stamping, fine papers and incredibly detailed computer graphics. They're beautiful.

I draw everything by hand, carefully ink it and keep the Photoshopping to a minimum. My court card characters are warriors, spacemen, divas and magicians. A hand-drawn fantasy deckas if some art dork just sat down and re-drew a pack of Bikes to his likingBecause after countless long hours, that's simply how it came to be. 


I wanted my deck to feel layered, unboxed. At first glance, it resembles a pack of Bikes but then is magically different upon closer inspection - regular ole spot cards coupled with out-of-control courts. I aimed for this by making big, high-contrast face cards with full-bleed elements. Portions of the images purposefully run off the edge of the cards, like the feathers in a helmet or some smoke. 

I am red/green colorblind so red and black is what's up. The spot cards will be as they normally are in a deck of Bikes. This is not about them. It also helps the pack to function practically.

The tuck box will be made from a material similar to heavy sketchbook paper in honor of how the cards were created.

I am Wonderstruck when I see a great trick or a painting I love. When these playing cards come to life, I'll be Wonderstruck then, too.